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Our name says it all. We are your partner in the field of logistics and transport. RVI Logistics is not an ordinary service. To be different, we want to distinguish ourselves from the competition with a service that is far above average.

RVI Logistics is an innovative and creative company in logistic services. By over 40 years of knowledge, experience and vision we are leading in developments in the market. RVI Logistics, a strong partner focused on customer specific applications.

  • Over 40 years of knowledge in logistics issues
  • We offer a range of logistics services
  • 1,100 square meters of storage capacity
  • Thanks to our vision and experience we are leading in the brance
  • Always focus on customer-specific applications
  • Always available when needed

Affordable pallet storage

For companies looking for pallet storage you’re at the right location for storing your inventory. Easily accessible! We offer very attractive rates for pallet storage.

The pallets are stored in our modern warehouse. Our warehouse is equipped with modern techniques in the sector of fire safety and theft prevention.

National and international transport

Not only national but also international transport is regulated by RVI Logistics. The entire transport from location A to B, can be done by RVI Logistics. We carefully deal with your packages and make sure that you are always up to date about your deliveries.

We provide transport by road, sea and air. We discuss with you what the best option is for your logistics problem.


In addition to our capabilities for storage and transport, RVI Logistics offers various other logistics services. In one sentence, we take care of storing and handling goods for third parties. We do this for companies with various purposes. For example, an online store with stock or technical company with spare parts.

The entire supply chain can be controlled from production to the recipient. Our warehouse can serve as a stock point.

For information on all our services, view our services.

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